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From November 21st to 29th, Ceará will host again the XCeará, the XC event  that for over 12 years provides pilots from all over the world, the confidence of excellent flights.

If you intend to come, don't forget that XCeará is limited to only 50 pilots. So join this great fly and fun event.

Nice flights,

Chico Santos

- 461,8 km - South American PG Record - 
Marcelo Prieto, Rafael Saldini e Frank Brown (Brasil)
- 302 Km - World Female Paragliding Record  – Petra Krausova (Czech Rep)
- 452 km - South American Hang Gliding Record - André Wolf (Brasil)
UNBEATABLE RECORD ! - 12 years - 7 days a year - 100% of flyable tasks

XCEARÁ - Confidence of GOOD XC Flights !

NEWS FOR 2009:

SPOT ----------
This year things will be even better.  We've just made a partnership with Global Star and we will be providing SPOTs units to be used at the event (with no charge) for the first 15 pilots to register at the comp. They will be followed up live, all over the world in Real Time.

For those who don't know SPOT yet, it is a small satellite personal tracker, that send pilot's position (latitude,longitude, altitude and time) during all his flight, via website, SMS messages and e-mails, making your cross country flights safer and much more confortable, because we will know your exact position with GPS precision, at all times, anywhere, via satellite.

LONGER SEASON ----------------
Due the extreme long flights that Quixadá is providing  yearly, we decided to extend the XC season for ono more month before the XCeara, for those who wants to stay for a longer period. That means that we will start offering you pilots, the structure for the XC flights since October 20th.  It will be the “XC International Meeting 2009”: From October 20th to November 20th, our best retrieve team will already be there to provide pilots, good support for their long XC flights.
The season is now divided it in 2 sets

From October 20th to November 20th.
Designed for TEAMS and pilots who wants to stay for a longer period.

From November 21st to November 29th
For those who loves the spirit of the traditional XCeará event format with all facilities that it offers.
Recomended for pilots coming for the first time and free flyers in general.

XCeará 2008  - NUMBERS
- Once again, 100% of excellent XC Days
- All tasks with flights OVER 300km !
- 80% of the pilots has broken their personal records
- Paraglider Winner, Olivier Leonetti, did 1030km in 3 flights !

Check the tasks results:

PARAGLIDER                                                               HANG GLIDER                                            .

TASK 1                                                                                 TASK 1
1- 318km - Olivier Leonetti / France                     1- 300,8km - Marcos Assunção / Brasil
2- 300km - Washington Peruchi / Brasil                2- 300,4km – Glauco Cavalcanti / Brasil
3- 295km - Flávio Moreira / Brasil                        3- 299,1km – Marcelo Ferro / Brasil

TASK 2                                                                                  TASK 3
1- 359km – Marcin Gorayski / Poland                    1- 287km – Patrick Collin / France
2- 273km – Renato Janssens / Brasil                    2- 285km – Marcos Assunção / Brasil
3- 154km – Didier Etienne / France                       3- 156km – Marcelo Ferro / Brasil

TASK 3                                                                                  TASK 4
1- 380km – Olivier Leonetti / France                     1- 176km – Marcelo Ferro / Brasil
2- 243km – Rafael Barros / Brasil                         2- 138km – Mario Campanella / Brasil
3- 216km – Renato Janssens / Brasil                    3- 120km – Patrick Collin / France

TASK 4                                                                                  TASK 5
1- 315km – Didier Etienne / France                       1- 300Km – Marcelo Ferro / Brasil
2- 135km – Washington Perucchi / Brasil               2- 268km – Glauco Cavalcanti / Brasil
3- 130km – Marina Olexina / Russian Fed.            3- 232km – Patrick Collin / France

1- 360km – Marcin Gorayski / Poland
2- 333km – Olivier Leonetti / France
3- 252km – Flávio Moreira / Brasil

XCFF - XCeará Frequent Flyer Program

The “XC Frequent Flyer Program (XCFF)” was introduced 3 years ago to organize the few available places for the event and bring benefits to the frequent XCeará pilots, giving progressive discounts, now up to 20% on their registration fee.
Record holders and champions
will also have discounts on the fee. Check the table on the XCFF box and find your rating.

So what are you waiting for ?  Choose your option and come for the Cross Country Paradise !

Remember that we have limited number of places available for both events. Check about the steps for registration and don’t miss your place!
To book your place please send an e-mail to with your:
- Name, e-mail, Equipament (HG or PG model), How long have you been flying / flying experience.
To confirm your place, please check the informations at the
registration page.

Hope to see you there,

Almeida and Chico Santos
Meet Organizers



Click to know about the HG and PG Race Rally, that will cross from east to north coast of Brazil in the week before XCeará

See the list of subscribed pilots:
Click to Know the mileage program for XCeará Frequent Flyers!

Ceará Light
Know about the optional relax trip

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